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About Us

Agrarius Corp. d/b/a Organic Intelligence is the creator of the Organic Intelligence Agrarius technology, working with a network of global partners.


Organic Intelligence, an agricultural biotechnology innovator, has redefined sustainable agriculture.

Our mission: to leverage our cutting-edge biotech to unlock the natural potential of crops globally.

Our team, a diverse mix of scientists, agronomists, and passionate farmers, is dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Our innovation, Organic Intelligence (O.I.), makes complex biological interactions accessible and practical for everyday farming.

O.I. uses biotechnology to tap into plants’ natural survival instincts, enhancing their health, yield, and efficiency. This process not only strengthens the relationship between plants and soil but also promotes resilience and productivity. Developed through extensive research, O.I. is designed to improve crop growth in a sustainable manner.

Recognized and utilized globally, our technology reflects a commitment to agricultural innovation. Created by Agrarius Corp. d/b/a Organic Intelligence, O.I. the technology is available worldwide through a network of authorized partners. At our core, we’re committed to a sustainable future for farming, embodying a community of farmers and scientists working together to advance agriculture globally.

At Organic Intelligence, we’re not just a company; we’re a community dedicated to creating a sustainable agricultural future worldwide.