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Our Products

Our range of simple to use bio-stimulants, backed by science and endorsed by nature.


OI Agrarius

Welcome to the next evolution of agriculture: OI Agrarius.

Crafted from the heart of our pioneering research in plant signalling, this multipurpose biostimulant is designed to seamlessly integrate with your farming practices.

With OI Agrarius, elevate your crops to their fullest potential, achieving unparalleled resilience, vigor, and yield. 

PRoducts in Development

OI Next Generation Products

Unveiling the Next Generation: Tailored Biostimulant Solutions by OI

Building on the revolutionary foundation of OI Agrarius, we’re excited to introduce our specialized range of biostimulants, each meticulously crafted for distinct crop types. 

Dive into a world where our deep understanding of plant signalling meets specific crop demands, ensuring optimal health, resilience, and yields. With OI’s next generation, every crop gets its bespoke touch of nature’s intelligence.


2024 Launch: OI Home & Garden

We’re crafting something special for the home gardener. Building on our expertise, OI Home & Garden is in advanced development, tailored to elevate every home garden’s potential.

Launching in 2024, this innovative blend brings OI’s pioneering plant signalling directly to your backyard or balcony. 


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